Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Again

We had a fantastic trip to Savannah  the end of March.  Many thanks to long time friends Connie and Denny Shippy for housing us and putting up with our hectic schedule while we were there.  Charlie and I had really prayed that God would put the people we wanted to see at the services we were attending.  (With four different locations and multiple services at each place you can see why we needed divine intervention!!)
Charlie was able to speak to two men’s groups, we met with two small groups, and we were able to attend Late Church Sunday night (a first for us and a delightful experience!)  Charlie spoke briefly at the “Global Gathering” Sunday afternoon and we were able to meet many of the leaders of the various mission trips scheduled this year.  We were able to connect with many  senior saints and were constantly amazed how God orchestrated and directed our steps during our visit.

We were able to reconnect with friends Sandy and Van Swofford near Nashville on our way home.  Sandy and I haven’t seen each other in almost nine years .  What a blessing to pick up our friendship as if no time had passed.  It was our first trip to Nashville, but definitely not our last.

 Mysterious Illness Floors Charlie

 Thanks for your prayers for Charlie this past week.  Tuesday April 10th, Charlie collapsed to the floor at ETS and was taken by rescue squad to the hospital.  After two liters of IV solution he was released home where he continued to have little or no energy for the rest of the week.  We are still piecing together parts of the puzzle but we are beginning to realize he must have had a bleeding ulcer.  He is improving daily and taking medication.  The work we do is very physical so we would ask your prayers for his continual healing.

Easter with the Grand Sons

We were delightfully thrilled to have our daughter Suzy and Tim come spend Easter with us.  We had not seen our grand boys since  January and were amazed at how much they have changed We had perfect weather and one of the highlights of their visit was the Easter Egg Hunt at the New Hope Fire Station.  This was their first official Easter Egg hunt.  Both  of my boys love fire trucks and they were actually able to go inside the Rescue Squad  Vehicle.   We spent Easter at a local park and fed the fish and ducks bread crumbs.  Baby Charlie liked the bread so he was upset when Mom made him drop it in the water.Thanks Suzy, Tim and boys for making the trek to Virginia.  We miss you already!